Election 41 – A (Belated) Final Thought

I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since Canada’s 41st Federal Election was held.  I apologize for my lack of blogging near the end of the campaign, and since.  I had no time prior to election day and, frankly, no desire afterwards.  Election blues, hang over, burnout? A little of all, I’d say.

However, I wanted to write a quick post with a final thought on the Federal election. And here it is:


There really isn’t much more I can say.  I was not pleased with the outcome of the election on many levels, but since I am trying (for the most part) to leave my bias out of this blog, I will stop there, other than to say this:

The biggest heartbreak for me was watching my local candidate, who I felt (and feel) was well-loved by the people of our riding and was a “shoe in” for re-election, fail in his bid.  Actually, he did not fail, somehow we failed him.  At the same time, I am selfishly happy that said former MP will be home now and we may experience more of his expertise, knowledge and good deeds in our own city, rather than having to share him with Ottawa.  Welcome home, Mr. Pearson.  Whether you act as the MP for London North Centre or the Director of the Food Bank, you have my utmost respect and admiration and we are happy to have you back in the city.  If you haven’t checked out Glen Pearson’s blog, I highly recommend it:  http://glenpearson.wordpress.com/.  There is always an excellent discussion happening. 

With the Provincial elections rapidly approaching, I hope to have more time (and desire) to blog in the near future. Stay tune, readers.  Again, I apologize for being absent from writing.  My heart and head just haven’t been in it.  With the hot weather approaching, and my basement (where the computer is located) being the coolest part of my house, you just may see me blogging on a variety of topics more often.  I promise to try, anyway.