Pollyanna returns!

My faithful readers, I apologize for my long absence from the blog.  After writing my last post in November, my world went topsy-turvy with the sudden and unexpected passing of a dear friend early in the month, and the passing of my aunt due to a stroke at the end.  It was a rough time, and a busy time, and I very much needed a break for some introspective reflection.

Then came December and the Christmas holidays. I threw myself in to them headlong, enjoying every moment of my time spent with family and friends. For the month of December, I enjoyed living to escape the residual pain from the events of November.

It is now January and I am back, tuned up and refocused. It has (finally) started to turn cold outside and I have some spare time on my hands, so I hope to use more of it to write. Next to hiking and being outdoors, writing is my preferred release, and I have missed my outlet.

My blog will retain it’s positive, “Pollyanna” focus this year, but I hope to write about a wider variety of topics, not just political or local “controversies” as I feel the blog has focused on so far. Perhaps more personal stories, blogs of inspiration, and tidbits from around the web that catch my attention… We’ll see! The important thing is for you to keep reading, and bear with me in my lulls.

I’ll leave you today with a link to the presentation I gave on November 30th, 2011, at Ignite London. My talk was titled, “How to be a Pollyanna”. As nervous as I was (and as shy as I was to share the video, at first), I have been happy to hear it has inspired many who have watched it. I welcome and appreciate your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

How to be a Pollyanna – Ignite London (YouTube)

Happy new year to you all, and see you with my next post.